The goal of Isratrips is to give you behind the scene outlook on Israel while covering all of the major sites with a unique zest.

As a pluralistic Jewish Rabbi and a citizen of both the United States and Israel, I want to share with my love and passion for this great land.                                                                             Our family originated 7th generation ago from the mystical city of Safed in the Upper Galilee. I grew up in a Kibbutz in Israel and always had deep connection to the land itself, its people and the Flora and Fauna. Being a child to a tour guide, I always went with my father to trips and covered almost every corner of the state. I want to share all of that with you.

I want to take you to unique places and people, to show you the adventurous side of Israel, as well as the spiritual side, but most important, I want to cater to YOUR needs and wants. Before the planing process begins, I will meet with you in personal or via Skype and will cater the trips for you.

I believe that each one of us has its own unique set of values and believes and therefore a “cookie cutter” trips will never be as successful as one which is being catered to you needs.

So just call or email and we will do the rest;

267-259-3388     matan.peled@gmail.com15871960_10155047777441337_3153739298853698707_n