Shabbat Shalom from the International Birdwatching and Reasearch Center in Eilat


Nestled between green luscious native vegetation and close by to the Salt production ponds of Eilat and meters away from the border with Jordan, that is where you will find IBRCE.

This Mecca for tourists from all over the world is providing help to researchers in the field of Ornithology (Study of birds) and also to the birds themselves.

The IBRCE focuses on research and monitoring of migrant birds, eco-tourism activities as well as different bird related services to the local population (farmers, the city of Eilat) are provided onsite, as well as all other matters relating to the interaction between birds and man.

A public part open to the public, featuring a handicap accessible boardwalk a set of trails and a set of well situated hides overlooking the various habitats of the part. The public area also offers restrooms and a small gift shop.                                                                              The other section is devoted to research – this is where monitoring of migratory species takes places and so this section is closed off to the general public.

The park is open daily and guided birding tours in the park or surrounding area can be booked.



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